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Every item sold by Mr Memorabilia Ltd. will receive its very own Certificate of Authenticity (COA), these COAs are your guarantee of the authenticity of the item. The COA is fully legitimate with our business details and directors signatures, in addition to this level of authenticity, we record all our COA IDs and signatures on our online database. 

Our online COA database is a secondary layer of authenticity we offer to customers to further ease their mind in a market that is sadly flooded with fakes and copies. Every time a signed Mr Memorabilia item is purchased the items unique identifier will be added to this online COA database and linked with the customer's surname and unique item ID. If, for any reason, your COA becomes damaged or lost you can prove the authenticity of your item using the online system. 

Customer Last Name
Item Description
Limited Edition #
Signature Image

If for any reason, you would like to change the owners last name on our database please please get in touch and let us know the COA ID and the new owner's surname. 

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